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Carpet Cleaning Rogers, AR

Carpet Cleaning Rogers, AR knows that regular maintenance (using vacuum cleaners to pick up surface dirt, taking care of spills when they happen, dusting) may keep your area rugs, carpet tiles, furniture upholstery and other surfaces looking somewhat clean, but only a deep cleaning at least once a year – as recommended by most manufacturers – refreshes, renews and preserves your decor.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Methods

The main advantage of this technique is quick drying time. We apply three various degrees of dry carpet cleaning: dry foam, bonnet and dry powder. The last two require a specific cleaning product to be mixed with water while the first one uses set carpet shampoo. The residue is then vacuumed off leaving your with cleaned carpeting.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Rogers, AR

Carpet steam cleaning deep cleans your carpeting, helping to get rid of dirt, pet dander, mold and mildew. Steam cleaning is typically done once or twice a year. Steam has also been proven to be super-efficient in removing dust mites, cleaning air ducts, bathrooms and other tiled surfaces. The result is a cleaner indoor environment, safe for children, pets and those with respiratory concerns such as allergies or asthma. With a convenient truck mount systems, our technicians can go anywhere there is a carpet in need of assistance.

Just as there are many types of carpets out there, there are many types of steam cleaners, from dry steam cleaning to chemical free steam cleaning. Steam cleaning should be customized for your particular carpets, upholstery or life style. For example, if you care about the presence of harsh chemicals in many maintenance supplies, then our company is a good choice for you because it practices green clean or chemical free steaming. If you are on a tight schedule time wise, dry steam cleaning is fast alternative to traditional steam cleaning.

The next time the folks in the White House want to do something about the budget, they should do what the other good citizens living in Rogers do – call Carpet Cleaning Rogers, AR. While we can’t promise to whittle down daily budgetary concerns, a visit from our professional crew will extend your design dollars by increasing the life of your interior furnishings, postponing replacement purchases and freeing up your budget for other things.