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Mattress Cleaning in Northwest Arkansas

Mattress Cleaning Service

It’s something you use every day, just like a kitchen or a bathroom. But, unlike other things in your home that you use daily, you probably don’t think to clean your mattress on a consistent basis.

In a twist of irony, regular mattress cleaning is one of the most important things you can do for your home and your health. When you choose professional mattress cleaning, you ensure that you avoid significant pest infestations that could ruin your mattress and spread throughout your home — and you also help extend the lifespan of your mattress, which means a greater return on your investment.

NWA Mattress and Carpet Cleaners is the leading mattress cleaning service in the Northwest Arkansas. When you’re ready to extend your mattress’s lifespan and remove any allergens or pests that may be lurking on it, we’re only a phone call or click away.

Mattress Cleaning in Northwest Arkansas

People most often get in touch about professional mattress cleaning for sanitary issues. But what most people don’t realize is this: Mattress cleaning also helps promote health.

When you choose a mattress cleaning service, the service providers should be able to remove dander, mold, dirt, dust mites and other spores that are difficult to identify with the naked eye. If you have regular allergy issues, these allergens could be making your life absolutely miserable — and mattress cleaning could make it far better.

A 5-Step Mattress Cleaning Process

We’ve been cleaning mattresses in the Northwest Arkansas area for a long time. And, through those many years of service, we’ve developed a 4-step process that gets results

Before Cleaning: We arrive at your home with everything needed to get the job done. After a brief introduction, we examine the mattress and talk about what you want to achieve through cleaning.

Pre-Cleaning: We do all the heavy lifting, removing your mattress to the cleaning area. We do a thorough pre-vacuum service that preps your mattress for our more intensive cleaning machine.

The Actual Cleaning: We use a machine for mattress cleaning that includes several different stages, such as an intense steaming and ultraviolet light and infrared heat treatments.

Post-Cleaning: We spray your mattress with a special formula that helps prevent future buildup of odors and stains. And then, finally, we return your mattress to your bedroom for drying.

When you want a completely sterilized, sanitized mattress, the process described above gets the job done. Let the team at NWA Mattress Cleaning make your mattress look and feel brand new again.