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If you are located in the greater Northwest Arkansas area and need high-quality, professional carpet cleaning service, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Northwest Arkansas Carpet Cleaning.

Northwest Arkansas Carpet Cleaners You Can Trust

The experts at NWA Carpet & Tile bring years of experience to serving the residents and businesses of Northwest Arkansas. We’re the premier contractor for residential and commercial carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and tile cleaning. Call NWA Carpet & Tile Cleaning today. It’s our pleasure to earn your business! We strive each day to be the #1 carpet cleaning company in Northwest Arkansas by handling every job in a timely manner, provides outstanding customer service, and guaranteeing your satisfaction.

How can we help you?

Residential Carpet Cleaning

NWA Carpet Cleaning is a well-known and established carpet cleaning service provider, renowned for our highly professional, residential carpet cleaning services. We offer the highest quality steam carpet cleaning service in the Northwest Arkansas area.

Commercial Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Northwest Arkansas Carpet Cleaning is proud to serve businesses in the NWA metro area and its surrounding communities. When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning we focus on quality and customized service.

Upholstery Cleaning

Looking for the best upholstery cleaner? NWA Carpet Cleaning’s upholstery cleaning provides the most delicate and professional upholstery cleaning service in Northwest Arkansas.

Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Looking for the best pet urine and odor removal in Northwest Arkansas? NWA Carpet & Tile provides the most professional service of cat & dog urine odor removal service. NWA Carpet is able to eliminate pet odor from your furniture and carpet.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

As the value of Oriental rug continues to increase, it pays to protect your heirloom, Chinese, Persian, Indian, and splendid contemporary classics with professional care. NWA Carpet artisans, famed for their expertise in their cleaning methods.

Tile & Hard Surface Cleaning

Looking for the best tile cleaner? NWA Carpet Cleaning’s tile cleaning provides the most thorough and professional tile cleaning service in Northwest Arkansas.

Green Carpet Cleaning

We offer the highest quality green carpet cleaning service in the Northwest Arkansas area. Green cleaners are non-corrosive and meet strict guidelines with the FDA. Made from botanically-based ingredients, it is readily biodegradable. Though all of our products are safe for children and pets, green cleaning is made for the chemically-sensitive.

Carpet Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and Tile Cleaning

Northwest Arkansas Carpet Cleaning serves the greater Northwest Arkansas areas, bringing our award-winning professional carpet cleaning, rug, and upholstery cleaning services to our local communities.

When you need clean, you need Bentonville Carpet Cleaning. As one of the leading carpet cleaning concerns in the Rogers Area, Bella Vista Carpet Cleaning company brings quality cleaning services to every residential and commercial customer. Through our wide selection of services, which are designed to address virtually any personal or professional indoor cleaning need, our experienced technicians help every customer create the bright, vibrant indoor atmosphere that tells the world “These premises are well-cared for.” Regardless of the size of your project, our cleaning specialists will give your job the utmost professional attention, renewing the beauty of your space and restoring every room to its original brightness.

Our Fayetteville carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning services demonstrate our responsiveness to every customer’s needs. They also reflect our commitment to quality craftsmanship — a value that’s backed by our 30-day, 100%-Clean Guarantee. At Rogers Carpet Cleaning company, we believe in building long-term customer relationships, and we know those relationships start and end with outstanding customer service. But, don’t take our word for it. Try us out and see the difference.

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Carpet Cleaning & Oriental Rug Cleaning Related Services from Northwest Arkansas Carpet Cleaning Company

At Bentonville Carpet Cleaning, we bring you all the Bella Vista Carpet cleaning services you need to keep your carpets, area rugs, upholstery, curtains, and drapes looking their best. These core services provide you with the help of experienced cleaning professionals who have the skills and training, as well as the proper equipment and supplies, to keep your living areas fresh, clean, and beautiful.

Our customers have consistently told us that we provide the best carpet cleaning service in Northwest Arkansas and quality cleaning that they have ever had. We understand that when you hire a carpet cleaning professional you want someone who will you can trust to treat you fairly and take care of your floors. We will do just that! We have a tested and proven carpet cleaning and tile cleaning system. It gets results! We use efficient, environmentally friendly, state of the art equipment. We pride ourselves on being the best carpet cleaners in Fayetteville, AR and the surrounding area.

Tile Cleaning Services

In an effort to simplify your life by letting you order multiple types of tile services from a single provider, we offer a comprehensive lineup of services that help make every part of your home more pleasurable to live in. Our tile cleaning service help ensure that your kitchen and bathroom floors are as clean as your carpets. We also offer stone and marble cleaning, polishing, and restoration services. These specialties equip us to go above and beyond the basic cleaning services offered by many of our competitors.

Our flagship services: carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning — are just the beginning.

Our primary services: tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning service — are just the beginning. At NWA Carpet Cleaning Company, we also offer a full lineup of additional services that help you keep your home or business sparkling clean and looking like new. To ensure that your cleaning needs are well-served, we offer the following residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services:

The many accounts we handle across our extensive Fayetteville and Bentonville carpet cleaning service area let us deliver cleaner homes and business spaces to the residents and professionals in these communities, creating satisfied customers who are happy to use and recommend our services. No matter what your indoor cleaning or restoration needs, you’ll find the friendly, high-quality service you seek at NWA Carpet Cleaning Company.

Northwest Arkansas Tile and Carpet Cleaning Company — Our Philosophy

At Bentonville Tile and Carpet Cleaning, we believe in putting the customer first. That’s why we offer you the same level of service we ourselves would expect if we were engaging a provider to handle these services for our own home or business. Whether you require upholstery cleaning for a single chair or have a houseful of work that needs to be done, we welcome your business. We always strive to provide the best service possible and trust that if you are happy with our work, you will tell others about our professionalism and the quality and dependability of our service.

We Only Use the Best Materials

We use only the best materials and equipment to clean your Bentonville, AR carpets. We utilize a van-mounted system that provides economical, efficient and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services. We use hot water extraction. Which, as you will notice, the leading carpet manufacturer recommends.

There are technically two different types of hot-water carpet extraction.

  1. Portable extraction is done with a small machine such as a Rug Doctor. This is not nearly as effective as our process.
  2. The Truck Mount Extraction is the standard method for all professional carpet cleaners in Springdale, ARThe equipment is physically mounted  inside our van. It is considerably more advanced and capable than a small machine that you might rent from a local retailer. It is able to heat the water to a much higher temperature and creates a greater pressure for the suction hose. These are the two primary factors for getting even the toughest stains out of carpets.

Here’s Why We’re the Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Northwest Arkansas

  1. We Provide Outstanding Value – We focus on delivering outstanding service to each client while providing the carpet cleaning at an affordable rate. High quality + Affordable prices = Tremendous Value. This is what we provide. And value is where it’s at!
  2. Our Customer Service Won’t be Beat – From the moment you first contact us, to booking the appointment and then to the cleaning, we are determined to do the job correctly the first time and ensure that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible. You’re satisfaction is our top priority!
  3. Same Day Service – Although we can’t guarantee same-day service, we get to every job as quickly as possible. It’s normal for us to complete most jobs on the same or next day.
  4. The Stains are Gone – Whether it’s that stain that has been there forever, a recent rough up from the house or work party, or dirt and mud from outside. We get rid of dirt, grime, mud and stains!
  5. We Strive for 100% Satisfaction – In the unlikely event that you’re not completely satisfied with your cleaning just give us a call and we will fix it to the best of our capabilities. You 100% satisfaction is our priority. You can see from many testimonials that we mean business when it comes to taking care of our customers.
  6. We’re a Locally-Owned Company – We live in and love Northwest Arkansas This is our home and we’re so proud to be serving this awesome community.
  7. Environmentally Friendly – We care deeply about the environment. Because of this we only use products that are 100% non-toxic and safe for the environment. You can’t rest easy that we take this responsibility to be an environmentally-friendly company seriously.
  8. The Owners Work in the Business – The owners work hands-on in the business. So when we show up at your home or place of business to clean your floors you can be sure that the person doing the actual cleaning is fully invested in making sure that the job is done correctly and that you are completely satisfied with our service.
  9. Flexible service – Just like the hose on our vacuum, our services are flexible, reliable and open to get the job done whenever called upon. Regardless of whether it be a plan in advance or an immediate need for action.
  10. We’re Affordable – Go ahead and try us out. Shop our price. That’s how confident we are in our prices and our service. We may be beat on price. But we won’t be beat on value or our carpet cleaning service!

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